Our Latest News: 

Spring Semester is Here!!!

Don't miss out on all our Spring classes All your favorites are back. Requests we are 

trying to accommodate in specialty rehearsals. 

Musical Theater ~ Starts January 7th, 2021

Dance (Various Styles and NEW Classes) ~ Starts January 25th-29th

Questions ~ 970-823-0160

Because of new COVID-19 protocols we have limited space available- please register early if you want specific classes. (This last fall we were at capacity for almost every Bronze Class- and Private Lessons fill up super quick!)

Also please note- our new Level Testing Program for all Attache, Silver, and Gold classes. 

Master Classes and Workshops:

We hope to offer a couple Master Classes and Workshops a semester!

Stay tuned for more information on when and what we are exactly offering! 

Dance Auditions are January 29th, 2021 from 4:00-6:00pm. Each Class participates in the performance, this audition is if the student wants a special part in the performance. (i.e. Solo, Duet, Small Ensemble, etc.) You must at least be in a Bronze Class to audition.

Musical Theater Auditions are MANDATORY!!! January 14th, 2021 from 5:30-8:00pm. All roles need to audition even ensemble roles. You can pick up your audition materials at the Audition Workshop on January 7th, 2021.


Mandatory Dates:

Mandatory- yes that means you- and you must be there! 

Mandatory dates are for students that participate in the performance(s), you may always take any of our classes ala carte where you do not have to attend rehearsals on a weekly basis and the Mandatory rehearsals. 

Mandatory Dates for Spring 2021:

Musical Theater: 

Jan 7th ~ 5:30-8:00 ~ Auditions 

April 17th ~ 9:00-12:00 ~ All Day Tech Rehearsal

April 17th ~ 2:00-5:30 ~ All Day Tech Rehearsal

May 8th~ 9:00-1:00 ~ Dress Rehearsal 

May 8th ~ 3:00- Done (8:30ish) ~ Performance (is at 6pm) (Performers must stay for meet and greet time)

May 9th ~ 1:00 - Done (5:30ish) ~ Performance (is at 3pm) (Performers must stay to help strike set)


June 3rd ~ 9:00a-12:00p ~ All Day Tech Rehearsal (Littles will have a short time Frame)

June 3rd ~ 2:00p-5:00p ~ All Day Tech Rehearsal

June 5th ~ 9:00a-1:00p ~ Dress Rehearsal 

June 5th ~ 3:00p - Done (8:30ish) ~ Performance (is at 6pm) (Performers must stay for meet and greet time)

June 6th ~ 1:00p - Done (5:30ish) ~ Performance (is at 3pm) (Performers must stay for meet and greet time)

Parent Visitation: 

We are a closed rehearsal studio, meaning the parents are not allowed to come into the rehearsal space to watch class. However, we do offer Parent Visitation occationally where Parents and Families are invited in for the last 10 minutes of class to see what we have been working on! 

Parent Visitation Dates for Spring Semester 2021:

March 8th-12th

May 24th-28th

Please note can/will be working on performance pieces and part of the production(s) so there can be "spoilers" 

Spirit Weeks: 

We have a spirit week once a month where students are encouraged to "dress" in the theme for that week over their usual class uniform to show Studio Pride and to make class a little extra fun that week! 

Spirit Week Dates and Themes for Spring Semester 2021: 

 February 1st-5th ~ (Among Us Day: Dress is all one Color- don't be Sus.) 

March 1st-5th ~ (Pajama Party: wear your PJs)

April 5th-9th ~ (Fanatic T-Shirt: Wear a T-shirt that represents something you are fanatical about)

May 3rd-7th ~ (Studio Pride: Wear Studio Colors (Dark Purple and Lime Green) 

No Class Days: 

No School = No Class 

Typically but due to the unknowns in the current state of our country we have done our best to match the projected schedule of Delta County School District Calendar, however our calendar will not be changing no matter what DCSD does or does not do. 

(Don't worry your tuition prices reflected these missed classes already.) 

No Class Dates for Spring Semester 2021! 

February 15th-19th - WINTER BREAK

April 19th-23rd - SPRING BREAK

May-31st-4th - No Traditional Classes (Tech Rehearsal  is on June 3rd) 

Please note: School ends in DCSD on May 27th however our classes continue through to the weekend and our performance to the following weekend as per usual. We also have classes on March 29th which is a Teacher In Service for Elementary Only but not for any other school. 

If you are a part of the performance - Tech rehearsal(s), Dress Rehearsal, and both performances are MANDATORY!!!

 NEW Legacy Program: 

We are proud to announce that we are starting our new Legacy Program. This is a program to encourage commitment and growth to all students. Any activity you participate in is going to get hard at one point or another and this is an incentive program to help students fight through the tough times to become stronger performers/dancer and people! 

Every Full Year (Fall and Spring Semester) you participate in at least one class you will receive a Theme Pin and every year after that you will receive a bar to place after your pin! 

Every Summer you participate in at least one class you will receive a Summer Pin and every year after that you will receive a bar to place after your pin. 

Sparkle/ Comet Legacy: Pre-school 

3 Years of Attendance - A Starbeam Studio Water Bottle 

4 Years of Attendance- 5% discount on all grade school classes

Bronze Legacy: Grade School 

5 years of Attendance- A Starbeam Studio Duffle Bag (to carry all your class needs) 

Silver Legacy: Middle School 

3 years of Attendance- A Starbeam Studio Hoodie

Gold Legacy: High School 

4 years of Attendance- A Professional Head Shot hung on our Wall of Honor! 

Platinum Legacy: Adults

5 years of Attendance- 10% discount for 5 years 

Elite Members: 

We are still refining our Elite Member program but we will give you a little taste of what it is going to look like. 

Our Elite Member program is for the dancer/performer that wants to go above and beyond, this is no longer an activity or a hobby it is starting to become a life-style. 

Our Students that wish to become an Elite Member will need complete and pass a series of tests and accomplishments before being approved as an Elite Member. Once you complete and pass everything you will receive the Coveted Starbeam Studio Elite Member Jacket with your name on it so you can show all your hard work off! 

We will let you know when we are finished refining the testing process and accomplishment list so you can start working on becoming an Elite Member of Starbeam Studios! 

Fine Print: You must attend at least 80% of your scheduled classes to be considered for any of the above programs and/or rewards. 

For every 4 classes you are Tardy it will add 1 Absent to your docket. 

It's All About the Relationship!

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