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"It's All About the Relationship!"

We pride ourselves in offering  great services, but we offer so much more than technique, because Dance, Theater, and Music is more than just technique! 

Sadly, most of students will not continue dance, theater, or music after high school. An even smaller amount will continue it in college, and an even smaller number will pursue it as a career. So, we here at Starbeam Studios like to focus on what is important and will be with each student for the rest of their lives! 

More than just learning the technique and the steps, I like to teach the feeling and thoughts behind each movement so that they can grow as a dancer and an artist. Dance is a sport and an art form and many studios only focus on one of those , I like to combine them together and create well-rounded students. But more than just dancing or acting you are one of many; a dancer is only a piece of the puzzle because there are many other dancers participating in the same piece. Your class mates here at Starbeam Studios are like your "family." The old saying, "you can't pick your family" fits perfectly because sometime you have class mates that can drive you crazy, just like that Brother or Sister of yours. I desire to teach each student to value each other, respect others positions and feelings, along with working with them, beside them, and helping them become a better person. Because working with people and being a polite and respectable person is a skill that will never go out of style. 

We also offer programs that are based on skill level and not necessarily age or grade based. We offer this to establish the perfect class for each student's needs as well as protect the safety of the student. If you are a quick learner or have moved from an area and have tons of dance experience you will have the opportunity to advance quicker and won't have to wait until you are a certain age to advance. The same works for students that have gotten a later start in their movements, we will not cut them short on the basic training just because they are older. Many times students like this don't get the training that is needed and are at risk for serious injury as well as hold back other people in the class that have been dancing longer because they need to keep resetting to the basics for new comers. 

Thank you for looking into into our Studio we hope to see you soon in the future! 

If you have any questions please contact us! 

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