About Us: 

The Dream:

Miss Kayln, the studio owner, has loved the performing arts even before she can remember! She loved all things performing including singing, dancing, and acting. She is truly thankful to her mentors that have taught her everything she knows, and trained her to be the performer and teacher that she is today. Kayln looked at focusing on just performing for a long time, but there was a part of her that knew she would forever miss the instructing part of what she had learned. She can distinctively remember when the spark of performing lit her life and the people that helped fan the flame over the years.  There is nothing that she loves more then seeing her students flame ignite and grow far beyond what they ever imagined it could be.  She is truly excited to have opened her own studio where she can ignite and fan the flames of her students everyday! Because it isn't about being the best in the world but rather creating someone's world!  It's all about the relationship.

Thank you for looking into into our Studio we hope to see you soon in the future! 

If you have any questions please contact us! 

Our Studio Space:

We are so excited to be in our new space and cannot wait to share it with you! 

Our Studio features 5 spaces. 
Our Entrance where we will be happy to assist you before, after, and in between classes. This is where you will find all of the paper work is completed as well as our Free Coffee or Tea station and our Refrigerated Student's Snack Pack Station. 

Our Fitting Room/ Store is where you can get your dance attire needs. You will find Starbeam Swag, Shoe and Leotard fitters, as well as some in-stock items for your dancing needs. 

Our Waiting Room has a variety seating for the "parents" that would like to stay and relax with their cup of coffee/tea while their little one dances. It also includes charging stations for Parent or Student's devices, a play table for the little ones to use while they wait for their class to begin, as well as lots of reading materials and a bathroom. 

Our Changing Rooms are a sub-section of the waiting room. There are Nine Changing rooms; Seven singles and Two Larger "Family changing rooms in the back designed for mothers helping their little one change. 

Our Front Movement Space is designed for our Littles (Sparkles/ Comets) dance classes. It features a true sprung tile floor overlaid with Dance Marley for the safety of your little one's growing ear drums. This Movement Space also features teaching technique aides and large windows for "parents" to watch without disrupting the little's class. There will also be other classes held in this space that require Dance Marley or could benefit from the use of Marley. 

Our Back Movement Space features a large open space with a true sprung tile floor where each tile has a thin layer of "Marley" over the top for each stability. Although, this floor is not over lain with Marley it is perfectly ideal for soft shoes, ballroom, pointe, and those designated dances. This room also features full length glassless mirrors and a teaching platform for larger classes or workshops, drop mats, and portable ballet barres. 

Want a tour? Contact us to set up an appointment! 

Our Staff:


Studio Owner/ Dance / Theater Instructor

Miss Kayln

Kayln is no stranger to the dance or the performing arts, in fact she lives and breathes it! She started performing before she could even remember, some of her favorite productions have been Annie jr. (Annie), The Wizard of Oz (Scarecrow) and she has toured the USA twice with Committed_No Less (Camille) [SE] and Celebrate (Truth) [SW]. But her love didn't just stop at performing she also trained to become a Light Technician, Sound Technician, Director, Choreographer, Writer, and Stage Manager. Some of her credits include I Dreamed a Dream (Director/Choreographer), A Night in the Square (Director/ Choreographer) Hello, Dolly (Choreographer/ Stage Direction Manager), Follow U! (Lighting Design), Twinderella (Lighting Design/ Back Stage Hand), Snake in the Grass (Sound/ Lighting Technician), Moana: The Melodrama (Director/Choreographer/ Maui), & The Tragedy of the Little Match Girl (Director/ Choreographer/Writer). 

Kayln studied at Rochville University and got her Bachelors in Biblical Studies and then continued at Ashwood University to receive her Masters in the Performing Arts. She has also studied with DVIDA and has an Ambassador ranking. She loved getting to train with Emerald Ball Champions and some of the best instructors in the world. She has also received some instruction from Twinkle Star Dance Conferences. Kayln loves helping out with projects around the community of Delta and can't wait to start teaching kids her love and passions for the arts. It is more than technique and movements, it is telling a story so your audience leaves different people then they came in as! 



Mr. Andrew

Music has been such an important part of Mr. Andrew's life ever since he was a little boy. From taking Piano to Beating a Drum (which is where you will see him most commonly) he loves the ins and outs of music. Andrew grew up in Grand Junction, Colorado and attend Central High School where he competed in several band events, including Marching Band, one of his greatest joys! Andrew inspired by his teachers decided that he was called to become a Music Educator and attend Colorado State University to receive a Bachelors in Music Education. He student taught with Daniel Berard at Fossil Ridge, Fort Collins. He took his first job at Hays/ Lodgepool in Montana and then he came to Delta Middle School to teach band and has been in the district ever since! He loves working with the middle schoolers every day and sees approximately 150 students within his music program there.  Although, he throughly loves teaching he also loves playing the instrument of choice, percussion! You may have seen him playing around the valley with Take 5, The Valley Symphony Orchestra, Montrose Community Band, Delta Christian Church, and he has even played at Magic Circle for a spell, as well as any other opportunity he has to embrace music. "Being able to see a student not even know what their instrument looks like, to them being able to play a note, to making beautiful music on it is one of the best features of my job," says Mr. Andrew. When one doesn't know what to say... play on! 


Dance Instructor

Miss Alexia

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Dance Instructor


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Dance Instructor & Office Assistant

Miss Zalicia

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Office Manager

Miss Jordan

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Office Assistant

Miss Audrey

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Dance Instructor Assistant

Mr Bentley

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