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About Us: 

The Dream:

Miss Kayln, the studio owner, has loved the performing arts even before she can remember! She loved all things performing including singing, dancing, and acting. She is truly thankful to her mentors that have taught her everything she knows, and trained her to be the performer and teacher that she is today. Kayln looked at focusing on just performing for a long time, but there was a part of her that knew she would forever miss the instructing part of what she had learned. She can distinctively remember when the spark of performing lit her life and the people that helped fan the flame over the years.  There is nothing that she loves more then seeing her students flame ignite and grow far beyond what they ever imagined it could be.  She is truly excited to have opened her own studio where she can ignite and fan the flames of her students everyday! Because it isn't about being the best in the world but rather creating someone's world!  It's all about the relationship.

Thank you for looking into into our Studio we hope to see you soon in the future! 

If you have any questions please contact us! 

Our Staff

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