Dance Schedule: 

Please note our new policies for Attache, Silver, and Gold Classes! You will not be able to take these classes without passing a LEVEL EXAM first. (This is to keep dancers safe first and foremost, keep advancing levels fair, take pressure off of teachers/ instructors, give students something tangible to work towards- not just an open ended idea. (Keeps them goal minded) 

How does it work? You may register for an Attache, Silver, Gold class prior to the test (mainly to hold your spot primarily because our capacity numbers are so low this fall due to our new protocols) but keep in mind that you may not be able to actually attend that class if you don't pass the exam. If you pass the exam you will be able to attend or stay in the class. 

What does the exam look like? We are not trying to make this scary in any way, actually we are trying to make this as fair and as easy as possible. That way every student has the same chances to be in the class that best suits them, no matter what class that is. We have a curriculum that we teach from here at Starbeam, it is based off of a lot of traditional dance curriculums. (for those of you that are new to the studio) The proctor will pull a random set of moves from the curriculum at the level you are "auditioning" for. Given that you are actually an "Attache" dancer you should know and be able to properly execute these given moves for the proctor. In the case that you do not pass you will get a list of the move(s) from the proctor that you did not execute properly and why, so you have something tangible to work towards in that semester. The process will be the same for Silver and Gold classes. 

When is the Exam? There is at least one free Level Exam each semester prior to classes beginning. This semester it is 

December 10th 3:30-5:25pm & (YOU MUST RSVP)

December 17th 3:30-5:25pm (YOU MUST RSVP)

In the case that you cannot make on this date or you came to Starbeam after the exam has already taken place, you may join any Bronze Level class or you may schedule a purchased exam with a proctor. 

NEW Spring Dance Schedule


3:45- 4:30 ~ Bronze Poms

4:30-5:00 ~ Pre-Ballet

5:05- 5:50~ Bronze Jazz

5:05-6:30 ~ Attache Jazz

6:40-7:25 ~ Bronze Hip Hop

6:40-8:05 ~ Attache Hip Hop

Registration for Spring 2021

Is Now Closed- 

Stay Tuned for our Summer



4:30-5:00 ~ Dazzle Sparkles

5:50-6:35 ~ Bronze Contemporary




4:00-4:45 ~ Bronze Tap

4:45-5:25 ~ Attache Tap

5:30-6:15 ~ Bronze Ballet

5:30-6:55 ~ Attache Ballet

7:00-7:45 ~ Pre-Pointe & Silver Pointe

7:50-8:35 ~ Silver Tap


3:30-4:00 ~ Glimmer Sparkles

4:05-5:25 ~ Silver Contemporary

5:30-8:00 ~ Musical Theater

                             5:30-6:15 ~ Musical Theater Full Ensemble

                             6:15-7:00 ~ Musical Theater Purple Ensemble 

                             7:00-8:00 ~ Musical Theater Specialty Rehearsals



4:00-6:00 ~ Dance Specialty Rehearsal

6:05-7:30 ~ Silver Jazz



Stay Tuned for Special Workshops Available on Saturdays. 

(These come about One to Two Times a Semester)


Dark Day ~

(In the Theater this means that nothing happens inside the Theater/Studio during this day. The office is closed. No responses will be sent out on this day- responses to phone calls, voice messages, text, emails, facebook messages, will be responded to in the order they arrived on the foremost working day. [in this case Monday])

* Attache Classes are designed to reach the dancers that are more advanced then the Bronze level but do not have the experience to move completely to the next level. It is designed to give the student new and more difficult steps but still keep the basics strong so technique doesn't waiver and injuries are less likely.  ~ All Attache Students will attend the Bronze Class right before their class (because we would do all of that in the class anyways) and then they will be all warmed up and ready to move to the more advance moves during the Attache class therefore making the most of your time, their time, and will have the proper education to back up the more advanced moves. 

Specialty Dance Schedules: 

Specialty Rehearsal will be announced after auditions when presented with special parts and small groups. 


January 29th 4:00-6:00 ~Dance Auditions for Special Parts and Small Groups

Please note that you will sign a waiver at auditions that you agree to attend these rehearsals- It is of the utter-most-importance that you attend these rehearsals as several of you audition each year and we had a very difficult time working all of the pieces into the rehearsal times. If you do not attend your rehearsals you are either for-going the part you earned in auditions or are agreeing to pay for private lessons outside of these rehearsals when your designated instructor can instruct you. (unless rehearsal is marked with a *)

Feb 5th 

     4:00-4:30 ~ Fathoms Below (Sailors, Grimsby, Eric)

     4:30-5:00 ~ Storm At Sea (Eric, Grimsby, Scuttle, Ariel)

     5:00-5:30 ~ Part of Your World Reprise (Ariel, Eric, Scuttle)

     5:30-6:00 ~ One Step Closer (Eric, Ariel)

Feb 12th 

     4:00-4:30 ~ It's Gonna Be Alright (Sebastian, Ariel, Flounder)

     4:30-5:00 ~ Good For You (Sebastian, Triton, Ariel, Flounder)

     5:00-5:30 ~ World Above Reprise (Sebastian, Triton, Ariel, Flounder)

     5:30-6:00 ~ One Little Slip (Sebastian, Triton, Ariel, Flounder)

Feb 19th 


Feb 26th 

     4:00-4:30 ~ Human Stuff (Scuttle, Ariel, Flounder)

     4:30-5:00 ~ Look at me Now (Sebastian, Scuttle, Ariel)

     5:00-5:30 ~ If Only (Sebastian, Triton, Ariel, Eric)

     5:30-6:00 ~ Positoovity / Hold Her (Sebastian, Ariel, Scuttle / Triton)

Mar 5th 

     4:00-4:30 ~ I Want the Good Times Back (Flotsam, Jetsam, Ursula) 

     4:30-5:00 ~ I Want the Good Time Back Reprise (Flotsam, Jetsam, Ursula)

     5:00-5:30 ~ Sea Monsters, Sweet Child Reprise (Flotsam, Jetsam)

     5:30-6:00 ~ Sweet Child (Flotsam, Jetsam, Ariel)

Mar 12th 

     4:00-4:30 ~ Other Side (Ariel, Ursula)

     4:30-5:00 ~ Sunrise, Sunset (Ariel, Ursula, Eric)

     5:00-5:30 ~ Centuries/Immortals (Ariel, Ursula, Eric, Triton, Flotsam, Jetsam) 

     5:30-6:00 ~ Positoovity / My Little Girl (Sebastian, Scuttle, Ariel/ Triton, Little Ariel)

Mar 19th 

     4:00-4:30 ~ Devil in Disguise (Vanessa, Ursula, Scuttle)

     4:30-5:00 ~  Kiss the Girl (Sebastian, Scuttle)

     5:00-6:00 ~ Barnum and Bailey's Favorite & Daughters of Triton (Random Fish 2, Scuttle, Vanessa & Sebastian) 

Mar 26th 

     4:00-4:30 ~ Fireworks (Fireworks, Ariel)

     4:30-5:00 ~ Beyond my Wildest Dreams (Ariel, Madian 1, Madian 2, Madian 3, Carlotta, Eric) 

     5:00-5:30 ~ She's In Love (Random Fish 1, Flounder)

     5:30-6:00 ~ Sharks & Mermaids & Daddy Says No (Ariel & Flounder)

Apr 2nd 

     4:00-4:30 ~ Tide is High & Could You Be The One (Ariel, Eric)

     4:30-5:00 ~ Adventure (Ariel, Eric)

     5:00-5:30 ~ Harder than the First Time & The Wedding Song (Ariel, Eric)

     5:30-6:00 ~ Secrets (Sebastian, Triton)

Apr 9th

     4:00-4:30 ~ Fanfare & True Love (Triton)

     4:30-5:00 ~ Hold Her Reprise (Triton)

     5:00-5:30 ~ Strange Things (Ariel, Eric, Vanessa)

     5:30-6:00 ~ I Can't take My Eyes off You (Ariel, Eric, Vanessa)

Apr 16th 

     4:00-4:30 ~ Ariel's Voice & Can't Help Falling in Love With You (Eric, Vanessa)

     4:30-6:00 ~ Her Voice & Beyond the Sea

Apr 23rd


Apr 30th 

     4:00-4:30 ~ Your Baby Doesn't Love You Anymore (Ariel, Eric, Vanessa)

     4:30-5:00 ~ Ariel & Eric (Review Couple Pieces)

     5:00-5:30 ~ Part of Your World / Positoovy (Ariel/ Sebastian, Scuttle (No Ariel))

     5:30-6:00 ~ Human, & Human Reprise/ Positoovity (Ariel/ Sebastian, Scuttle (No Ariel))

May 7th 

     4:00-5:00 ~ Fathoms Below, Storms at Sea, Fireworks, She's in Love, Beyond My Wildest Dreams, Barnum & Bailey's Favorite

     5:00-5:30 ~ Part of Your World Reprise, Secrets, Hold Her

     5:30-6:00 ~Look at me Now, Kiss the Girl, If Only

May 14th 

     4:00-5:00 ~ Sweet Child Reprise, Sea Monster, Sweet Child, I Want the Good Times Back, I Want the Good Times Back Reprise, Centuries/

                           Immortals, Sunrise, Sunset, Devil in Disguise

     5:00-6:00 ~ Good for You, World Above Reprise, One Little Slip, Human Stuff, It's Gonna Be Alright, Daddy Says No, Sharks and Mermaid

May 21st 

     4:00-4:30 ~ Strange Things, Your Baby Doesn't Love You Anymore, Ariel's Voice

     4:30-5:00 ~ I Can't Take Me Eyes Off You, Can't Help Falling in Love with You, Her Voice

     5:00-5:30 ~ Beyond the Sea, Fanfare, Hold Her Reprise, (Eric and Ariel Review Partner Pieces)

     5:30-6:00 ~ Human, Human Reprise, Part of Your World

May 28th 

     4:00-6:00 ~ All Specialty Parts

All rehearsals are mandatory unless pre-approved by Miss Kayln prior to Feb 1st. If this does not happen it may result in re-casting.

Please Note: 

We have minimum and maximum requirements for each class to run. Please see our Policies under Studio Rules & Regulations for more information.

You may also contact us for private lessons in any of the these styles if they are not featured in our schedule currently or if enough interest is raised, the class may be added to the schedule. 


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