It's All About the Relationship!

1533 Highway 50

Delta, Colorado 81416

Discounts/ Scholarship/ Coupons: 

Always Offered Semester Discounts: 

Vision Charter: 

If you are a Vision Charter Student up to One Dance Class & One Musical Theater Class/ Private Lessons 1 time a week for 30 minutes can be paid for. Please do not check out- We bill Vision for You! Just complete the registration form and then contact us to let us know you are a Vision Charter Student! Thanks! 

Sign Up a Friend: 

For every student that signs up under your name you will get $30 off your tuition until your account reaches $0.00

*There will be no "payments" made to any student and you will not get credit for additional years/ semesters. 

*For Student to get $30 credit...

  • The Student wanting credit needs to already be an existing student of Starbeam Studios

  • The New Student must sign up under the Existing Student wanting credit 

  • The New Student must pay their account in full prior to Existing Student receiving credit! 

Multi-Class Discounts: 

1st class ~ Full Price

2nd Class ~ 12.5% off

3rd Class ~ 12.5% off

4th Class ~ 25% off

*These are per student classes not per family classes. 

Studio Work Hours & Positions: 

There are many jobs that need to be done at a studio. Students are permitted to apply for those positions to receive credit towards their accounts. 

Some of the many jobs we have: 

  • Cleaning ($7.50 an hour)

  • Front Office Work ($10 a class)

  • Volunteering ($ Rates TBD)

  • Teaching Assistants ($ 5.00 for 30 min classes, $7.50 for 45 min & $10 for 55 min classes)

  • & Many Other Jobs... ($ Rates TBD)

*Just because a student applies for a position it does not mean that they will receive a position. 

*Students can ask to work at a specific job but they may be placed in a job the studio needs or feels they will be a better fit for. 

*There will be no "Payments" made to any student and you will not receive credit for additional year/ semesters (without pre-approval and signed contracts with the Studio) The student will receive credit until their balance reaches zero. 

*All hours will be assigned by the studio and must be approved by the studio. Failure to abide by these rules credit may not be given at the liability of the student or the student's parent/guardian. 

*If student is scheduled for a position and do not attend it may result in removal of the position at the liability of the student and/or the student's parents/guardian. 

Special Discounts: 

Summer Programs: 

Early Bird Discount: 

Early Bird Discount will be offered for all summer programs until April 7th 2019. 

* You must completely register and purchase classes prior to April 7th 2019 to be eligible for Discount . 

* Discount is available for Current Students and New Students.

Muli-Summer Program Discount: 

Camp Discounts:

3 Camps- $5.00 off

6 Camps - $ 10.00 off

9 Camps - $25.00 off (Your 9th camp is completely free!) 

*Some Discounts are not available for online payments, but will always be available in person.