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Casting will be announced after Auditions on August 31st

Typically we announce them by the following Tuesday by Midnight. (We will send out a Remind notice as soon as they are posted) 

If we do not hear from you by 3:00p on Tuesday we will assume you have accepted your role and agree to the signed documents for the role you were cast in. I am very excited and think this can be one of the best shows we have ever put on.

Hello, All! You all did such an amazing job at your audition and I have seen so much growth from the returning students. I am thrilled to get to work on this production with you and I can't wait to see this performance shape. I would like to remind you with what was said on Thursday... Almost all of you auditioned for Ilsa. Sadly, I can only have one Ilsa. If you are one of many people that did not get her, please remember that this doesn't reflect that you had "a bad audition". For those of you that wanted their audition notes I will have those for you this next week in class. Please, be sure to read the entire list as MANY of you are doubling roles. (Remember, we talked about that this past Thursday as well.) Please, look at the specialty schedule as many of you are coming this Thursday. Thank you and happy memorizing! 

(In Order of Appearance) 

Pippin - Audrey Trask
Emory - Natalie Velasquez
Lukas - Rylynne Combs
Ilsa - Emma St. Clair
Annika - Harper Withouse
Hahn - Natalie Velasquez
Johann - Mirra Toponce
Lutz - Cassidy Parker
Pastor Karl - Riley Shull
Karsten - Natalie Velasquez
Greta - Jayren Botts
Vix - Audrey Trask 
Baer - Harper Withouse
Ziggy - Cassidy Parker
Everick - Natalie Velasquez
Odele - Rylynne Combs
Mitzy - Mirra Toponce 
Holle - Harper Withouse 
Robin - Riley Shull
Kyler - Cassidy Parker 
Adler - Rylynne Combs
Ava - Audrey Trask 
Caden - Jayren Botts
Frieda - Mirra Toponce
Lisbet - Riley Shull
Heidi - Natalie Velasquez
Belina - Riley Shull
Wistar - Rylynne Combs
Alyn - Riley Shull
Candle Dancers - Cassidy Parker & Jayren Botts

Audrey Trask, Cassidy Parker, Emma St. Clair, Harper Withouse, Jayren Botts, Mirra Toponce, Natalie Velasquez, Riley Shull, & Rylynne Combs

Audrey Trask, Cassidy Parker, Jayren Botts, & Riley Shull

Dance Captain:
Audrey Trask

Show Opener Recording: 


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