Musical Theater Casting: 

Casting will be announced after Auditions on September 1st. 2022

Typically we announce them by the following Tuesday by Midnight. (We will send out a Remind notice as soon as they are posted) 

Thank you so much to everyone that auditioned. This was a close one with so many of you doing such a wonderful audition! (You should be proud, I am) Please, be sure to read the entire list as many of you are double cast in multiple roles. Also be sure to check out the specialty schedule as the first rehearsals begins this Thursday. You all did such a wonderful job and I am so excited where each of you were placed as I think the character(s) will really play to everyone's strengths! It is going to be beautiful! 

In Order of Appearance: 
Kate Keller- Natalie Velasquez
Understudy for Kate - Emma St. Clair
Arthur Keller - Bentley Nichols
Enlightened Helen - Kynlee Loy
Ivy Green - Stella Bubbins-Hill
Phillip Keller - Harper Withouse 
James Keller - Riley Shull
Early Helen - Jayren Botts
Expanding Helen - Sloan Queen
Miss Sullivan - Rylynne Combs
Mr. Anagnos - Emma St. Clair
Little Girl - Willow Pride
Judge - Stella Bubbins-Hill
Ensemble Member 1 - Stella Bubbins-Hill
Ensemble Member 2 - Riley Shull
Ensemble Member 3 - Harper Withouse 
Student 1 - Riley Shull
Professor - Emma St. Clair
Ensemble Member 4 - Stella Bubbins-Hill
Ensemble Member 5 - Riley Shull

Children - Harper Withouse, Jayren Botts, Riley Shull, & Willow Pride

Purple Ensemble: 
Bentley Nichols, Emma St. Clair, Harper Withouse, Jayren Botts, Kynlee Loy, Natalie Velasquez, Riley Shull, Rylynne Combs, Sloan Queen, Stella Bubbins- Hill, & Willow Pride

Thunder & Lightening: 
Bentley Nichols & Emma St. Clair

Thank you! If we do not hear from you by 3:00p on Tuesday we will assume you have accepted your role and agree to the signed documents for the role you were cast in. I am very excited and think this can be one of the best shows we have ever put on.