It's All About the Relationship!

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Delta, Colorado 81416

Musical Theater Casting: 

Congratulations! You did it! Everyone had a very nice audition and the scores were very close it made casting very difficult but I think we have a very fun cast and that no matter your given part this show can be very fun and something very special!  


In order of Appearance:

Maria ~ Lella Young

Lousie ~ Stella Bubbins- Hill

Frederic ~ Sloan Queen

Mamma ~ Jasmine Carrell

Godfather Drosselmeier/ Christian Elias Drosselmeier ~ Bailey Miller

Chimney Sweeper #1 ~ Anyia Evans

Chimney Sweeper #2 ~ Aysia Evans

Nutcracker ~ Cambria Hoff

Harlequin ~ Alexia Verquer

Mouse Assistant ~ Averie Verquer

Mouse King ~ Sidney Neff

Surgeon Wendelstern ~ Shania Jones

The King ~ Kurtis Nethington

The Queen ~ Shania Jones

Lady Mouserings ~ Stella Bubbins- Hill

Chief Maid ~ Anyia Evans

The Astronomer ~ Emma St. Clair

Villager #1 ~ Aysia Evans

Villager #2 ~ Anyia Evans

Christopher Zacharias Drosselmeier ~ Averie Verquer

Princess Pirlipat ~ Ella Black

Grand Mogul ~ Sidney Neff

Princess #1 ~ Anyia Evans

Princess #2 ~ Aysia Evans

Purple Ensemble: 

Alexia Verquer, Aniya Evans, Averie Verquer, Aysia Evans, Bailey Miller, Cambria Hoff, Jasmine Carrell, Lella Young, Sidney Neff, & Shania Jones.

Toy Ensemble: 

Alexia Verquer, Anyia Evans, Aysia Evans, Cambria Hoff, Jasmine Carrell (Where Applies), & Shania Jones (Where Applies)

Mice Ensemble: 

Alexia Verquer (Act 3 Only), Averie Verquer, Ella Black, Emma St. Clair, Jayren Botts, Sidney Neff (Act 2 Only), Shania Jones (Act 3 Only), & Stella Bubbins-Hill (Act 2 Only) 

Court Ensembles:

Alexia Verquer, Aysia Evans, Bailey Miller, Cambria Hoff, Emma St. Clair (Costume Permitting), Jasmine Carrell, & Shania Jones

The Nut Ensemble: 

Alexia Verquer, Aysia Evans, Bailey Miller, Cambria Hoff,  Jasmine Carrell, & Shania Jones

Girl Ensemble:

Alexia Verquer, Lella Young, & Sidney Neff. (Bailey Miller & Cambria Hoff from off stage) 

Wire Dancers:

Ella Black, Emma St. Clair, Jayren Botts, Sloan Queen, & Stella Bubbins-Hill

Capital Ensemble: 

Alexia Verquer, Anyia Evans, Averie Verquer, Aysia Evans, Bailey Miller, Jasmine Carrell, & Shania Jones

If you do not contact Miss Kayln prior to Thursday's rehearsal it means that you accept your role and are making the commitment to attend rehearsals and the performance.