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Casting will be announced after Auditions on January 19th

Typically we announce them by the following Tuesday by Midnight. (We will send out a Remind notice as soon as they are posted) 

If we do not hear from you by 3:00p on Tuesday we will assume you have accepted your role and agree to the signed documents for the role you were cast in. I am very excited and think this can be one of the best shows we have ever put on.

Wow, we were so impressed by the auditions this year and the scores were SO very close. It truly was a difficult decision for Miss Alexia, Bru, and myself to make. You should be very proud of yourselves. One note that I want to make, is do not be 
discouraged by the amount of lines that you have, or lack there of. This is a very different show then we typically do and even the Lead/Main Characters just don't have a lot of lines. It isn't really a talkie show. 
Remember, what I told you on Thursday! Basically everyone auditioned for Chanteresse or Rumple or Amie. There are only one of these parts, I wish I could have given it to you all, but I can't. If you didn't get it, it doesn't mean it was a bad audition. We made our decision based on the scores overall (singing, dancing, and acting) as well as who we thought would do well in that part. Love you all and I can't wait to start in on it. Please be sure to look at the specialty schedules! It starts this week!!!

(In Order of Appearance) 
Louah  ~ Stella Bubbins-Hill
Volee ~ Kynlee Loy
Chaneresse ~ Harper Withouse
Rumplestilskin ~ Bentley Nichols
Shop Keeper ~ Rylynne Combs
Narrator #1 ~ Allie Harris
Gaston ~ Natalie Velasquez
Adam ~ Willow Pride
Belle ~ Mirra Toponce
LeFou ~ Emma St. Clair
Amie ~ Jayren Botts
Town Dancer ~ Allie Harris
Maurice ~ Riley Shull
Narrator #2 ~ Cassidy Parker


Allie Harris, Bentley Nichols, Kynlee Loy, Natalie Velasquez, Riley Shull, & Rylynne Combs

Dance Captain:  Rylynne Combs

Show Opener Recording: Rylynne Combs


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