Musical Theater Casting: 

Casting will be announced after Auditions on January 13th 

Typically we announce them by the following Tuesday by Midnight. (We will send out a Remind notice as soon as they are posted) 

Congratulations! You should all be SO proud of 
yourself! So many of did something that you have never done before and I am SO, SO very proud of you! Auditions were truly amazing and I am so excited for this production that we are going to bring together. Please make sure that you look at the whole list below as many people's names appear multiple time because of the nature of our production. Please let me know if you have any questions and check the schedule page as specialty rehearsals start this week! Congrats! 

In Order of Appearance:
Thing - Bentley Nichols
Gomez Addams - Bentley Nichols
Morticia Addams - Jordan Lowe
Wednesday Addams - Kynlee Loy
Pugsley Addams - Emma St. Clair
Ancestor #1 - Allie Harris
Ancestor #2 - Alexis Kirkman
Ancestor #3 - Stella Bubbins-Hill 
Ancestor #4- Allie Harris 
Lurch- Zalicia Sawyer
Belle - Harper Withouse
Madame de la Grande Bouche (Doubled as Mrs. Potts) - Zoe Bachman
Beast - Kenadee Mabry
Lumiere (Doubled as Cogsworth) - Jayren Botts
Mrs. Potts (Doubled as Madame de la Grande Bouche) - Zoe Bachman
Cogsworth (Doubled as Lumiere) - Jayren Botts
Chip - Stella Bubbins-Hill
King Arthur- Emma St. Clair
Sally Bowles - Kynlee Loy
Munkustrap - Bentley Nichols
The White Cat - Allie Harris
Evan Hansen- Mr. Kurtis Nethington
Alana Beck - Harper Withouse
Jared Kleinman - Jordan Lowe
Zoe Murphy - Zoe Bachman
Charlie- Zalicia Sawyer
Buddy - Bentley Nichols
Elf #1 - Jayren Botts
Tiara - Allie Harris
Froman - Emma St. Clair
Sylvia - Jordan Lowe
Mr. Cromer - Stella Bubbins-Hill
Mr. Henshaw - Bentley Nichols
Miss Bassett - Kynlee Loy
Mr. Turpin - Kenadee Mabry
Miss Jones - Zoe Bachman
Elliot - Bentley Nichols
Danny - Bentley Nichols
Sandy - Kynlee Loy
Aaron Burr - Miss Kayln Bruington
Alexander Hamilton - Mr. Kurtis Nethington
Bullet - Miss Alexia Verquer
The Baker - Mr. Kurtis Nethington
Jack and the Beanstalk - Miss Kayln Bruington
Little Red Riding Hood - Bentley Nichols
The Witch - Emma St. Clair
Cinderella - Kynlee Loy
Jacob - Allie Harris
Narrator - Jordan Lowe
Joseph - Kenadee Mabry
Servant - Jayren Botts
King - Bentley Nichols
Anna - Zalicia Sawyer
Lady Thiang - Stella Bubbins-Hill
Tumtim- Harper Withouse
Lioness- Allie Harris, Kynlee Loy, Willow Pride, & Zalicia Sawyer
Donna- Jordan Lowe
Davey - Kenadee Mabry
Jack Kelly - Kynlee Loy
New York Dancer - Zalicia Sawyer
Curley McLain - Emma St. Clair
Auctioneer - Stella Bubbins-Hill
Porter- Jayren Botts
Bidder #1 - Willow Pride
Bidder #2 - Alexis Kirkman
Raoul - Jordan Lowe
Actor #1 - Emma St. Clair
Actor #2 - Bentley Nichols
Puppeteer #1 - Zalicia Sawyer
Puppeteer #2 - Zoe Bachman
Puppeteer #3 - Alexis Kirkman
Joanne - Miss Kalli Carmichael
Collins - Bentley Nichols
Nick Bottom - Harper Withouse
Nostradamus - Miss Kalli Carmichael
Terk - Kynlee Loy 
Ape #1 - Jordan Lowe
Ape #2 - Emma St. Clair
Officer Lockstock - Kenadee Mabry
Penny Pennywise - Jayren Botts
Bobby Strong - Allie Harris
Little Sally - Stella Bubbins-Hill
Old Lady - Zalicia Sawyer
Violet - Alexis Kirkman
Father - Bentley Nichols
Young Violet- Allie Harris
Dorothy Gail - Jayren Botts
Uncle Henry - Bentley Nichols
Aunt Em- Zalicia Sawyer
Sonny Malone - Miss Alexia Verquer
Sally Brown - Emma St. Clair
Schoeder - Bentley Nichols
Lucy - Harper Withouse

Dance Captain: Zalicia Sawyer

Purple Ensemble:
Alexis Kirkman, Allie Harris, Bentley Nichols, Emma St. Clair, Harper Withouse, Jayren Botts, Jordan Lowe, Kenadee Mabry, Kynlee Loy, Stella Bubbins-Hill, Willow Pride, Zalicia Sawyer, & Zoe Bachman

Descant Singers:
Emma St. Clair, Harper Withouse, Kenadee Mabry, Kynlee Loy, & Zoe Bachman

Once again Congrats! You should be very proud of yourself! I hope you enjoyed your weekend because now it is when the real work begins!