Musical Theater Casting: 

Casting will be announced after Auditions on January 14th. 

Typically we announce them by the following Tuesday by Midnight. (We will send out a Remind notice as soon as they are posted) 

Wow, what a great audition from everyone! You should all be very proud of yourselves for a job well done. As I stated when you went into your auditions what you circled/ or didn't circle on your paper will greatly decide what parts you receive as well as what you actually participated in during the auditions. I understand that singing/ dancing isn't for everyone but there was a ton of you that didn't audition for either of these roles and so that really limited the options that I could give you because you didn't participate in that portion of the audition. Also something that made this audition very different was I had many students going for the same role. As I explained last Thursday there is only one of each role. If you didn't receive the role, it was not because your audition was bad... please don't think that. There were honestly no bad auditions. I was very proud of all of your auditions. I made the choices in casting that I did for a couple reasons. One, if that other student had a point or two higher score than you. (Literally it came down to points!) Two, I thought the role you received might suit you better. Three, you might enjoy playing it more in the long run, or Four,  honestly there are a couple of you that received your roles because I had no one else with the talent capability to do that role with the exception of you! Do not be discouraged- that is an honor! I see something in you, that maybe you didn't even see in yourself. Overall, I am sure excited by the talent I saw and I am so excited for this production. It is going to be moving and powerful and we have the most amazing cast to do it! 

Don't forget to check the specialty schedule as it begins this week! 

Please check the full list as your name can appear multiple times. Remember if you made it on the Purple Ensemble List you will stay until 7:00 every week! 

In Order of Appearance: 

New Yorker #1 ~ Lella Young 

New Yorker #2 ~ Ally Harris

New Yorker #3 ~ Jayren Botts

New Yorker #4 ~ Stella Bubbins - Hill 

Star to Be ~ Kyleigh Christie

New Yorker #5 ~ Taylor Harris

Carla D'Alessi ~ Zoe Bachman 

Lucia D'Alessi ~ Emma St. Clair

Sofia D'Alessi ~ Kynlee Loy

Vinnie D'Alessi ~ Kalli Carmichael

Ballet Dancers ~ Stella Bubbins- Hill, Aubrey Christie, Ally Harris, Bentley Nichols, & Kyle Rodriguez

Prima- Ballerina ~ Lella Young

New Yorker #6 ~ Stella Bubbins- Hill

New Yorker #7 ~ Kyle Rodriguez

George Balanchine ~ Bentley Nichols

Ellie Murphy ~ Alexia Verquer

Colonel Harold Murphy ~ Andrew (Bru) Bruington

Gloria Murphy ~ Lella Young

New Yorker #8 ~ Kyle Rodriguez

New Yorker #9 ~ (Split) Kyle Rodruguez (Lead) Jayren Botts, Stella Bubbins- Hill, Kyleigh Christie, & Ally Harris 

New Yorker #10 ~ (Split) Jayren Botts, Stella Bubbins - Hill, Aubrey Christie, Kyleigh Christie, & Ally Harris

Postman ~ Aubrey Christie

Co- Dance Captains:

Bentley Nichols & Lella Young


Jayren Botts, Andrew (Bru) Bruington, Stella Bubbins- Hill, Aubrey Christie, Kyleigh Christie, Kalli Carmichael, Ally Harris, Taylor Harris, Kynlee Loy, Bentley Nichols, Kyle Rodriguez, Emma St. Clair, Alexia Verquer, & Lella Young

Purple Ensemble: (Where Applies)

Andrew (Bru) Bruington, Aubrey Christie, Kyleigh Christie, Kalli Carmichael, Ally Harris, Taylor Harris, Kynlee Loy, Bentley Nichols, Kyle Rodriguez, Alexia Verquer, & Lella Young

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