Why should I learn to Dance?

By stepping on the dance floor, you are improving on many areas of your life. It will not only boost your confidence, mood, and social skills, but your body, tone, and posture too! Learning to dance is more than an investment in technique, it is an investment in a fun and healthier life-style. Studies have shown that learning to dance can improve brain function and cognitive ability, while helping to delay Alzheimer's Disease in late adult hood as well as help many children with Autism.

What is a Dark Day or Week?

A dark  day or week os when the Studio, Theater, or Box office is closed. This means that no one is going to be working or available during that day or time frame. So Phone Calls, Emails, Messages, Texts will be answered in the order they arrived on the next non-dark day. A lot of Theaters do this because everyone works many jobs and has so much to do that things would never get done if there wasn't time laid out for it as well as people would never actually get a day off. It is to protect the sanity of the workers, directors, staff, actors and actresses, and dancers. 

How do I know what level I am at?

We ask that you pick a class within your age group bracket but your instructor may change your level mid-season if they feel it is necessary. 

Sparkle/ Comet Programs: 2-Kindergarten (Basics) 

Bronze Classes: 1st-4th grade (Beginning)

Silver Classes: 5th-8th grade (Intermediate) 

Gold Classes: 9th-Adult (Intermediate II and Advanced) 

As stated your instructor can either lower your level of class or raise the level of your class to find the best fit for your dancing ability. (This is for the student as well as the other class mates and the safety of everyone participating.) 

How old does my child need to be to take classes?

Our youngest dance class starts at 2 years old. 

Musical Theater starts at 1st grade. 

Are Parents allowed to observe class each week?

Sadly, no. Parents can be a distraction in the class room and can actually hinder children to dance. We do offer an opportunity for Parents to come in and visit the last week of every month and see what we have been working on. 

How do I get to the studio?

We are located at 1533 Highway 50, Delta, Colorado 81416

Heading North going out of Delta towards Grand Junction, Go straight through the last stop light on highway 50. You are going to round the bend now heading North East. There will be a Dairy King on your left hand side and some apartments on the right hand side. 

You will go past an ornate metal fence for KCO and we are the next drive way. on the north, our drive way  is halfway through the turning lane, right after the guard rail. 

We are right next to T&T Bit and Across the Road from the Vet Office. 

We have a green and purple sign up and the building we are in is a stucco pinkish-tan color. 

If you can't find us please call. 

Do you have to audition to be in the show?

Musical Theater: Yes! Everyone needs to go through the audition process even if you just want to be a part of the ensemble. 

Dance Production: No! Every class participates in the performance, however, if you want to be one of the special characters in the performance you will be required to audition and attend a couple extra classes later in the season. 

What classes do you offer?

We offer a variety of classes in a bunch of different levels and skills. 

 Musical Theater: 2 full size theater productions a year, with smaller theater options during the summer months. 

Dance Classes: Our Sparkle Classes (2-Kindergarten), Bronze Classes (Tap, Jazz & Theater Jazz Combo Class, Hip Hop, Ballet, Worship, & Poms) Silver/ Gold Classes, (Jazz, Ballet, Triple Threat (Singing, Dancing, & Acting in Broadway Style), Hip Hop, Contemporary, Worship, Poms, & Beginning Ballroom. 

Private Music Lessons: Available in Percussion, Trumpet, Trombone, Clarinet, & Flute! 

Private Voice, Acting, & Dance Lessons: Available for private and semi-private. 

More Programs will be offered in the summer months! 

How many "Sessions" do you offer per year?

We offer 2 Full Size Broadway-Style Musical Theater Productions a year & 2 Full Size Dance Performance a year. (One will be in the spring and one in the fall- following the school schedules) 

There will be smaller performance opportunities in the summer months. 

What Attire does my Child need for class?

We do not have a designated uniform at Starbeam Studios but we do have a dress code for the safety of our dancers. 


We require a leotard in every class along with a specific dance shoe for each class. (Shoes are based on style) We also require either pants, shorts, or tights under/over the leotard. 


We require a plain shirt and shorts or pants along with a specific dance shoe for each class.  (Shoes are based on style)

These are for the safety of our dancers and the facility. 

Do you Offer Private Lessons?

Yes we do! Instrument Lessons, Vocal, Acting, & Dancing Classes are just a few of the private sessions we offer. However, this program is for the students that want to improve their skills and grow them. It takes a lot of time and dedication. A lot of students think Private Lessons are the "easy" way out of classes-  our students in our Private lesson program are given homework every, or almost every week, that they are expected to complete if they wish to continue in the program. Private Lessons are a great way to improve on your skills and advance at a rapid rate but they are a lot of work. If you think Private Lessons are for you please contact us and we will be happy to discuss our time slot openings with our instructors as well as set up an interview to see if Starbeam would like to instruct you and to go over the Private Lessons policies. 

Do you accept Male Students?

YES!!! We love our male dancers and encourage them to be in each class. We do offer a few classes and events a year that are offered to Males only! 

Are Adults Welcome?

YES!!! Adults are always welcome in all of the classes and programs that we offer. They need to be aware that our main cliental is children and so they will most likely be in class made up of mostly if not all children. They will also be required to participate in the full class as a student no matter the age of the person. (i.e. Musical Theater Participants are required to audition- Adults will be required to participate in the whole experience as well.) 

How Do I Enroll?

You can get on our store here and purchase the class of your choice then fill out the registration form either online or in person or you can call or email. 



Do you have annual performances?

We have 2 Full sized Broadway-Style Productions a year and 2 full sized Dance Productions a year. We will follow the school schedule (Delta County 50j) so one will be in the spring and the other will be in the fall. 

There will also be mini performances in the summer.

Do I need a Partner for Ballroom Class?

No, although it is strongly recommended. Singles are welcome but they may be required to dance alone, with the instructor, or another random single couple. 

It is recommended to have your own partner because you can work together outside of classes. 

Do you accept people with disabilties?

By approval only!


Overall yes! Dance is a great opportunity for a lot of different people that come from different walks of life and can help people through many disabilities, however do to our studio and instructors and class schedules we would like to pre-approve you prior to you purchasing a package to make sure we are the right studio for your needs. 



Can I tour your studio?

Sure, just contact us to set up an appointment to tour our beautiful facility! 

How much do classes cost?

Price change per class. The best is to pick your class then view the pricing for that individual class. 

We do offer monthly payment plans for those that would benefit that program. 

There is also programs and coupons that come out through out the year to help with tuition. 

Can I make up a missed class?

Possibly. If you had the rehearsal/class pre-approved (by instructor or studio owner) a make-up class may be discussed at that time. 

You will need to contact the studio for all missed classes either by phone, (call or text) or email. (This is for the safety of the students) 

Emergency Missed Classes can be discussed! 

No refunds are ever given for missed classes! 

Can I start a dance class mid-season?

Yes, you can start a dance classes at any time. There are dates that students must be enrolled in class to participate in the performance for that semester but they are always welcome to come and join us for our class and the technique portion of the class. 

Do you offer any specialized training?

Yes, we offer Private classes in Music, Vocal, Acting, and Dance. 

Does your studio close for snow?

We follow the school schedule (Delta County 50j) for the semester. Late start days do not effect us however days that they completely cancel school because of bad weather we will also cancel classes. 

Make-up classes will be offered to classes that got canceled due to weather. 

If there is any doubt call or text


What is the fastest way to become a better dancer, actor, or player?


Classes are very important to get training but we only see you "30-90mins" a week. You can not grow very fast if that is the only time you practice. 

You can practice your technique, flexibility, steps, routines, and choreography during the week. 

"Weekly Rehearsal are not the time to learn your part, but instead they are to learn everyone else's parts!" ~ Andrew Bruington

You can also take private lessons in your skill and that will give you one on one time with an instructor to work on your individual needs. 

How long does it take to learn dance?

It takes 10,000 to become an expert at anything. So... here we go... GO MATH!!! 

There are 365 days in a year divided by 7 (the numbers of days in a week) gives you 52.2 weeks in a year. Then lets say you practice just dance for 4 hours a week means you practice 208.8 hours every year. It will take you 47.9 years to become an expert! 

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