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Dance Specialty Casting: 

Casting will be posted after Auditions. 

Auditions are January 26th, 2024 4:00-6:00pm

If we do not hear back from you by Wednesday at 10:00am then you are agreeing to accept your role for the season and the rehearsal responsibilities that come with it. 

Please be sure to check the specialty schedule!

Thank you all for being so patient. I know this one was a long time in the waiting... but we wanted to make sure we made the right call on roles as there were very close scores. Here are a few reminders prior to reading casting. If you did not receive the role you auditioned for first...

1. This doesn’t mean that you did a bad job. There is only one of each part therefore there can only be one person to play it. It doesn’t mean that you had a bad audition or that you “sucked”. - As I stated above... there were several that were very close. 

2. Maybe they saw something in you that you were meant for a different part. (More expressive, different style of dance, funnier, has more tricks, has more pieces, etc,) No one knows the parts better than the director! They have to place people in a position that will allow you to shine. Some of my favorite stories involve a student being disappointed in their given part but at the end of the season saying, “I am glad I got the part I did… it was so fun!” - Sometime “Miss Kayln” knows best.

3. There are “no small parts” - this is so true. If the part wasn’t important it wouldn’t be there. I have been directing shows for almost 20 years now and sometimes I have had extremely sick students on a performance day where they could not perform. If you were part of the one of these productions… we didn’t “cut the part” someone stepped in to “read the part”. Everyone matters!

4. Becoming a “good loser” is important in life. You all know that I LOVE Bluey. In Pass the Parcel Bingo learns exactly this! It is so important to be happy for your friend’s successes and it makes it so much better when you finally “win”!

5. Last but not least… there is more to life. You are worth more than the biggest part in the biggest show. Do NOT define yourself by any role that you get. You are worth more than that and will have a WHOLE life before, during, and after this current show.

Be sure to read the whole list as many of you double as other role. Check Specialty Schedule because they start this week!!! Have fun practicing! 

In Order of Appearance:


Pheonix - Audrey Gober

General Li - Christine Htoo

The Emperor of China - Nia Robidoux

Chi-fu - Kynlee Loy

Mulan - Xin Xin He (Probational) 

Mulan Understudy - Audrey Gober

Little Brother - Elizabeth Moore

Hua Zhou - Cloe Munger

Chickens - Luna Spine, Maya Spine, Norah Spine, Violet Rios, Wenzday Merling 

Hua Li - Xin Yi He 

Grandmother Fa - Cassidy Parker

Cri-Kee - Emeli Caldwell 

Village PeopleAllie Harris, Audrey Gober, Bentley Nichols, Kassie Simler, Kynlee Loy, Luna Spine, Noah Spine, Sarah Pasimio, Sonadora Lucero, Xin Xin He

Hairstylist - Xin Ru He

Dressing Maid - Norah Spine

Makeup Artist - Allie Harris

Matchmaker - Christine Htoo

Ancestor Laozi - Kynlee Loy

Mushu - Sarah Pasimio

Ancestors - Maya Spine Violet Rios, Wenzday Merling, Xin Ru He

Stone Dragon - Allie Harris, Christine Htoo, Jayren Botts, Kynlee Loy, Norah Spine

Shan Yu - Sonadora Lucero

Scout #1 - Norah Spine 

Scout #2 - Jayren Botts

Yao - Mandie Simler

Ling - Alyssa Gilmore

Chein-Po - Kassie Simler

Li Shang - Bentley Nichols

Imperial Army - Allie Harris, Audrey Gober, Cassidy Parker, Christine Htoo, Kynlee Loy, Nia Robidoux, Norah Spine, Xi Yi He

Doctor - Cassidy Parker

Announcer - Kora Bent

Show Opener - Xin Xin He

Check the Specialty Schedule ... You only get two rehearsals to work on everything!

Classes to Attend: 

If you miss specialty rehearsals you will need to schedule private lessons to make up the missed rehearsal. 

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