It's All About the Relationship!

1533 Highway 50

Delta, Colorado 81416

Dance Specialty Casting: 

Casting will be posted after Auditions. 

Auditions are August 30th, 2019 from 4:00-6:00pm

Congratulations to all of those that auditioned! It was not an easy decision but I think this should be a great show with amazing dancing in it! Make sure you check out your specialty schedules as they start THIS WEEK!!! 

In Order of Appearance: 

Alice ~ Lella Young

Dinah ~ Adalena Harrison

White Rabbit ~ Cambria Hoff & Kurtis Nethington

Doors ~ Averie Verquer, Bentley Nichols, & Hazel Marlin

Dodo ~ Madison Fine

Tweedle Dee ~ Alexia Verquer

Tweedle Dum ~ Jordan Fine

Walrus ~ Bentley Nichols

Carpenter~ Jessica Gilmore

Mother Oyster~ Averie Verquer

Mad Hatter ~ Kurtis Nethington

March Hare~ Cambria Hoff

Door Mouse ~ Willa Clay

Path Sweepers ~ Alli Padilla & Kynlee Loy

Roses ~ Adalena Harrison, Averie Verquer, Jayren Botts, Maddysan Perez, & Willa Clay

Queen of Hearts ~ Anysia Hovel

Snowflakes ~ Adalena Harrison- Willa Clay, Madison Fine- Averie Verquer, Jordan Fine- Alexia Verquer

Congratualtions you were all spectacular. 

If you do not contact Miss Kayln prior to your next rehearsal it means that you accept your role and are making the commitment to attend rehearsals and the performance.