Dance Specialty Casting: 

Casting will be posted after Auditions. 

Auditions are Aug 28th 4:00-6:00pm

If we do not hear back from you by Sept 2nd at 10:00am then you are agreeing to accept your role for the season and the rehearsal responsibilities that come with it. 

Congratulations to all of the dancers that auditioned, you all had a great audition and I look forward to the opportunity of getting to perform with you and bring this spectacular dance show to the stage! Below you will find all the parts listed below, please be sure to check all of them as your name may appear more than once. 

Also please be sure to check the specialty schedule as they do begin this Friday! 4-6. 

In Order of Appearance: 

The Christmas Cancan: (Theater Jazz)

Alexia Verquer, Bentley Nichols, Hannah Kane, Lella Young, Kalli Carmichael, & Kurtis Nethington

We Wish You A Merry Christmas: (Ballet/ Theater Jazz Combo) 

Ballet: Addy Harrison, Lella Young, & Kalli Carmichael

Theater Jazz: Bentley Nichols (Donald), Hannah Kane (Daisy), Maddysan Perez (Huey)

Beethoven's 7th: (Ballet/Lyrical) 

Addy Harrison (South), Alexia Verquer (East), Lella Young (North), Kalli Carmichael (West), Kurtis Nethington (Center), Kynlee Loy (Ribbon), & Maddysan Perez (Ribbon)

He Made A Way In A Manger: (Worship Dance) 

Addy Harrison, Alexia Verquer, Lella Young, & Kalli Carmichael

A Child Like Me: (Ballet)

Jayren Botts

My Own Home: (Pointe)

Lella Young

Ring Out The News: (Salsa/ Samba Combo) 

Hannah Kane & Kurtis Nethington

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus: (Poms) 

Alexia Verquer, Jessica Gilmore, Lella Young, & Kalli Carmichael

The Lost Christmas Eve: (Contemporary)

Addy Harrison, Alexia Verquer, Hannah Kane, Jessica Gilmore, Lella Young, Kalli Carmichael, & Kynlee Loy

Time To Fall in Love: (Jive) 

Alexia Verquer & Kurtis Nethington

Hallelujah: (Pointe/ Ballet/ Lyrical Combo)

Addy Harrison, Alexia Verquer, Bentley Nichols, Jessica Gilmore, Lella Young (Pointe), Kalli Carmichael, Kurtis Nethington, & Kynlee Loy

Jandals: (Theater Jazz)

Alexia Verquer & Bentley Nichols

Lord of the Rings: (Jazz) 

Alexia Verquer, Bentley Nichols, Hannah Kane, & Lella Young

Slava! (Tricks)

Alexia Verquer, Bentley Young, Lella Young, Kynlee Loy, & Maddysan Perez

Run, Rudolph, Run (RollerSkating) 

Hannah Kane & Jessica Gilmore

You've Got a Friend in Me: (Paso-Doble) 

Kalli Carmichael & Kurtis Nethington

Angel's Song: (Contemporary) 

Alexia Verquer, Lella Young (Soloist), & Kalli Carmichael

Let's Light a Candle: (Simple Ballet)

Addy Harrison, Alexia Verquer (Soloist), Jayren Botts, Kalli Carmichael (Line Leader), Kurtis Nethington (Line Leader), Kynlee Loy, & Maddysan Perez

Queen of the Winter Night: (Contemporary) 

Addy Harrison, Alexia Verquer, Hannah Kane, Jessica Gilmore, Lella Young, & Kalli Carmichael

Great Job everyone! Make sure you check the schedule and don't miss your specialty rehearsals as we have a tight rehearsal schedule for all the pieces. If you miss specialty rehearsals you will need to schedule private lessons to make up the missed rehearsal. 

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