Dance Specialty Casting: 

Casting will be posted after Auditions. 

Auditions are Jan 29th 4:00-6:00pm

If we do not hear back from you by Feb 2nd at 10:00am then you are agreeing to accept your role for the season and the rehearsal responsibilities that come with it. 

Congratulations to everyone. It was a great audition and you should be very proud! As I shared in auditions on Friday, this was the best and closest audition I have ever seen at the studio, please do not be discouraged if you did not get your desired role, it is not because you had a bad audition, or that you are not a good dancer, in fact it is quite the opposite and I have had a very hard time deciding roles this weekend. At the end of the day, I can only pick one of you to play Ariel, Flotsam, Jetsam, Scuttle, King Triton, Ursula, and Little Ariel. These are roles that most of you circled and marked as your top and I believe with my whole heart that any of you that showed up on Friday could have probably played your top circled role but I had to pick one. As I said on Friday, a lot of what went into this decision was how it worked with your class(es) that you were already in. There were a couple of you that it was literally tied between but you could have never danced with your class for the whole show. Because of that I decided to give you one of your second choices which I know you will do equally well with. I am very excited to see this cast on stage as auditions were stellar!!! SO PROUD! You should be too!!! 

Please note- Specialty Rehearsal Schedule is up and starts this week! Remember as I also said, our specialty rehearsals are SUPER limited this go around and I went into all the details why, but we are. You need to show up ready to WORK HARD at your specialty practices. They are going to move fast and we don't have a lot of time to come back to clean. I recommend bringing a phone or a recording device to record your piece so you can watch it and practice at home. Especially Main characters with lots of people. To put it in perspective. Most of you see me for 30 minutes to learn your piece and then you see me one more time in May for 10 minutes to refresh your piece. You can do it but you are going to have to work hard! 

Check the Full List Your name may appear more than once! 

Casting ~ 

In Order of Appearance: 

Prince Eric ~ Kurtis Nethington

Grimsby ~ Mykal Sawyer

Sailors ~ Alyssa Gilmore, Izzy Moon, Jayren Botts, & Kassie Simler, 

King Triton ~ Hannah Kane

Sebastian ~ Alexia Verquer

Ariel ~ Lella Young

Flounder ~ Adalena Harrison

Scuttle ~ Kynlee Loy

Flotsam ~ Bentley Nichols

Jetsam ~ Jessica Gilmore

Ursula ~ Zalicia Sawyer

Fireworks ~ Alyssa Gilmore, Kassie Simler, Maddysan Perez, & Maryposa Bermudez

Random Fish #1 ~ Izzy Moon, Jayren Botts, Maddysan Perez, & Maryposa Bermudez

Little Ariel ~ Zayla Bermudez

Madian #1 ~ Alyssa Gilmore

Madian #2 ~ Zayla Bermudez

Madian #3 ~ Kassie Simler

Carlotta ~ Jayren Botts

Vanessa ~ Miss Kayln

Random Fish #2 ~ Bentley Nichols, Izzy Moon, Jayren Botts, Jessica Gilmore, Maddysan Perez, Maryposa Bermudez, & Mykal Sawyer

If you miss specialty rehearsals you will need to schedule private lessons to make up the missed rehearsal. 

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