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The Prince of Eygpt:

"All I Ever Wanted"
The Egyptian Prince, Moses discovers his roots not as royalty but as a slave. He embarks on a journey to free his people from bondage when his plea is denied by his Brother, Rameses. The new Pharaoh must undergo a series of horrific plagues in the war of brother against brother. Who will win? 

The Performance is June 4th & 5th 2022

Performance Venue 
Delta Performing Art Center

Tickets Available Typically One Month Prior

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"Because a 'Little Magic' never hurt anyone!"


Join us as we embark through several Disney Classics to find the true Christmas Magic. We good prevail or will the Villains take over the castle? Find out in this epic combination of Heroes/ Princesses/ Princes and more! 

Performance Dates

December 3rd & 4th 2022


Performance Venue 

Delta Performing Arts Center

Tickets Typically Available a Month Prior


Christmas Magic: