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Introducing the Studio Plant

For those of you that are older (High School) or those of you that are die hard Disney Fans may remember the hit tv show, "Hannah Montana". If you are younger or don’t spend your time watching Disney Channel, you are seriously deprived and may be asking Hannah “who”?

Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus) was a hit pop sensation that swept the nation while she remained a “normal” teenager by living uncover as Miley. She would don her blonde wig, designer jeans, and flashy sunglasses after school and become Hannah Montana. The tv show was all about her keeping her secret and living the “best of both worlds”!

Whether you were a Hannah Montana fan or not the actual plot of the show has no actual bearing on this blog or the Studio Plant.

Last Spring the Starbeam Studios Staff came to me in a meeting and asked, no begged is a better description of what actually happened, for a “Studio Plant”!

I promptly explained to them that I kill all green things. It is not for lack of trying, seriously it is not, I just cannot seem to keep any green plant alive for more than a couple months, if that. They assured me that I was not allowed to care for said plant (so I don’t kill it) and that they will take care of it. When did I become a Studio “Mom” having the pet conversation?

Anyways to make a long story short, I agreed to get them a studio plant of their choice to which Hannah Kane, Senior Graduate of Spring Semester 2021, said, “please, get a Ficus named fern!”

So, in Hannah’s honor, for all of you Hannah Montana Fans, and for those that begged for a Studio Plant I present to you…

Our ficus… named Fern!

Hannah Montana Episode on YouTube referencing this scene. (For those that have no idea and those that want to re-live the glory days) (begins at .32 seconds)


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