Dance Fitness Classes:

Includes: This is a workout class that blends different exercise styles including Ballet, Pilates, and Yoga. This is a low-imact workout that focuses on proper alignment and is a blend of cardio, lean strength training, flexibility, balance, and core workout. In a pure "Barre Class" the focus is solely on work that is done at the barre. Strengthening Muscles with isometric movements while using proper ballet positions. In this class, we will incorportating concentric and eccentric movements while using bands at times as well as stretching and core work away from the barre. 


All Equiptment is Included in Tuition Price! 


AGE REQIREMENTS:  There are no age restrictions, however this is and will remain a workout class. Please, do not attend if you do not plan to do just that. (This isn't a "hangout class")  


THIS IS NOT A PERFORMANCE CLASS! There will be no performance costume for this class however you will need to meet class uniform requirements. (See our policy page for more information on that!) 


DISCOUNT INFORMATION: Once you and your friend have both registered for the class, you can call, text, or email Starbeam Studios and we will send you a Coupon code for you and your friend to check out here for $30.00 off. Or you can purchase your class on the first day in the studio (cash, check, or credit card) and receive your discount there. (970-823-0160, 


Classes begin the week of August 24th and will end with the last class on May 26th

(No School - No Classes: Delta County School District 50J) 

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  • There are no refunds offer on delievered and non-delievered goods, tranfers availble for a limited time.