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Choreography 101 Class:


Includes: 30 minute Class (Technique, inspiration, movement values, level based ideas, levels, and repertoire for choreographing dance movements) Membership Fee, costume deposit, Soundtrack(s),  Tech. Rehearsals, Dress Rehearsals, Production Materials, & Performance(s).


COSTUMES ARE NOT INCLUDED! (range from $0-$50) Price includes a costume deposit but until you pay the remainder of the costume you do not own your costume. You will get to keep your costume after the show is over. 


Classes begin the week of August 21st-25th with the performance on December 2nd & 3rd


(No School - No Classes: Delta County School District 50J) (COVID-19 Restrictions) 

Fall Season Choreography 101 Class

  • No Refunds on delievered and non-delievered good - Transfers on Accounts Available for Limited Time

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