Bronze Dance Classes:


Includes: 40 minute Class that is designed to be added on to the Bronze Dance Class Scheduled right before it (Bronze Class gives time to warm up and really refine techniques then we will get into the advanced stuff during the Attache section without wasting time on warm ups), Membership Fee, Costume Deposit, Auditions (if you chose to particpate in the audition processes), Soundtrack(s),  Tech. Rehearsals, Dress Rehearsals, Production Materials, & Performance(s). 

COSTUMES ARE NOT INCLUDED! (range from $0-$50) You will have made a costume deposit but you do not own the costume until you have made the final payment on your costume. You will get to keep your costume after the show is over. 


Classes begin the week of January 25th- 29thth with the performance on June 5th & 6th

(No School - No Classes: Delta County School District 50J) (COVID-19 Restrictions)

Attaché Dance Class

  • Spring 2021 We will be performing The Little Mermaid. Join us as we take place in our rendition of Ariel's under the sea adventure. Will she convince Prince Erin to fall in love with her before the Sea Witch's curse takes hold? 

  • No Refunds no delievered and non deliever goods - Transfers on Accounts Available for limited time

It's All About the Relationship!

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